Bespoke Jewellery Design

We specialise in creating a bespoke memory from revamping your existing jewellery to designing the perfect Engagement, Wedding and Eternity Rings.

We particularly value quality Craftsmanship and Design which we hope conveys in the below case studies.

Thinking of creating your unique memory with a local business, we would love you to send us a message.

Step 1: Free Consultation

Book an appointment and bring the items of jewellery you wish to use. We will discuss their suitability for a potential revamp or design.

Step 2: Draft Design

Ideas are formulated with hand drawn sketches, you will then be invited back into store to discuss. A CAD drawing is then completed of your preferred design.

Step 3: Production

Upon confirmation of your design the item is made at our workshop and hallmarked.

Case Studies

Anniversary Necklace

Using Diamonds that have been removed from customers engagement ring and made into a pendant to symbolise their wedding rings with a touch of Sapphire.

One Ring

Resetting the customers Diamonds from her engagement and dress ring and making into one perfectly designed dress ring.

Thumb Ring

Removing the Diamonds from a late mother in laws eternity ring and designed into a two colour design.

Husband and Wife Together

Combining the late husbands ring with the customers rings to design and make a beautiful classic ring that she can wear all the time.

Wedding Band

We can make a bespoke shaped wedding band to fit around the customers engagement ring.

Unusual Shape

A challenge to design something using most of the diamonds around the kite shaped stone. Turned out beautifully, we also reused the wide band from the original kite ring and made back into a wedding band to preserve the hallmark.

Entwining Wedding Band

This customer was looking to melt down the gold and redesign into something. These rings belonged people in the family so the customer wanted to design something she would always wear. To preserve the hallmarks as these are a stamp inside the rings which details the year the rings were manufactured, we made each ring to the same width, added a pattern to some of the bands and joined them together to produce this Russian style wedding band.

In Love Again

Customer had a few rings that she had just fallen out of love with, by redesigning a ring and resetting her Diamonds a dress ring has been made which the customer now loves again.


This bracelet belonged to a Dad who had sadly passed away when his two girls were small. For their 18th and 21st birthday mum wanted to design something in memory of him. Instead of melting the bracelet down and losing the essence of Dad we took a few links from his much loved bracelet and added the diamond earrings her husband had purchased her on her 30th birthday, combining them together to give the girls something very special.